• Frequently Asked Questions

    01. Why choose ResQtech?

    • ResQtech in collaboration with CBS systems is the Most Popular Choice for MULTI PURPOSE Portable Car washers across the WORLD.
    • We are  the largest manufacturer of portable car washer’s in the world.
    • Sold Successfully in More than 100 Countries with Millions of Satisfied Customers.

    02. How reliable and durable are the washers?

    • Quality is our motto at ResQtech and we guarantee quality in all our products.
    • Our High Standards of quality has helped us to become the largest Manufacture of Portable car washer in the world with Presence in Over 100 Countries.
    Which means you can be sure that you are purchasing a very high quality product which will give you many years of reliability and satisfaction.

    03. How will I get after sales service and support for my products?

    • Resqtech in collaboration with CBS systems is the official manufacturer and distributor for these car washers in India.
    • We have the trained personnel and all spare parts in our inventory.
    Customer need not ever worry about any issues in future regarding the servicing,  maintenance or repair of thier products.

    04. What is the advantage of using our products over similar portable car washers options in the


    Our car washers donot need 220 v Ac current and running water unlike the other washers available in the market like Bosch.Kracher and Black and decker.
    • You are completely independent and flexible to clean and wash your car whenever and wherever.
    • Specially useful for people staying in apartment or buildings who do not have the facility of ac current and running water at the car park.

    05. Is the product expensive?

    Our car washers are very competitively priced bearing the indian market in mind and we guarantee you complete satisfaction in terms of Cost,Quality and Reliability on the purchase of each and every products in our range.

    06. Where can I buy the products?

    You can buy our products from any of our retailers accross India or you can log into www.resqtech.in to place an order online.

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