Submersible Washer 12V DC/ Cigarette Lighter Model [CD-D1]


Submersible Washer 12V DC/ Cigarette Lighter Model [CD-D1]

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This is the Most Compact and Efficient Portable Car Washer available in the Market. This Washer relies on 12 Volt DC power supply. It is small enough to Be kept in the Glove box of the Car and at the same time is very effective and efficient in washing and cleaning.


Major Material: Engineering Plastic

Pump power of Car cigar lighter: 40W

Pressure: 5Kg/m2

Pipe Length: 5m

Voltage: DC 12V

Standard accessories: Gardening Nozzle, 40*100cm Microfiber towel (1pcs), instruction(1 pcs), replaceable brush(1pcs), Sponge Brush(1pcs)

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    1pcs/Inner box

    4pcs/Master Carton

    Carton Size:39*33.5*32cm