Various Applications



Multiple Applications of our portable Car Washers:

Our car washers have got multiple uses besides car washing, it is also effectively used for :

Cleaning Windows

The water jet can stretch to out-of-reach first floor windows in Buildings and the provided Brush is very effective in cleaning stubborn stains and dirt from the windows.

It can also be used for washing the bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, platform etc.


Gardeners will love our product because they can carry it to those far reaches of the garden where their hosepipe just won’t reach, or to water the lawn when buying a thirsty sprinkler is not practical.

Take it to the Beach

It can be taken and used to clean and wash yourself from sand & salty sea water when going to beach.


This will come in handy for sports enthusiasts, who’d prefer to clean their equipment before they pack it in the car – mountain bikes, canoes, footballs….the list is endless.

Washing Pets

It is used by pet owners to clean and wash their pets.

Portable Shower

There are people who even use our products as a portable shower because of water shortage and also because it uses very less water.

Useful during Monsoon Season

Used for cleaning muddy shoes (specially in monsoons) before entering car or even house also used by mothers to clean the muddy pram wheel of their babies before putting back in car.